Meet My Pups(Fun with Photoshop)

Bettis, 7 year old, male rottie, from whom I take my nom de plume, BigBuddhaPuppy...he looks like one when he is sitting...Bettis is true to himself, laid back, but will not stand down if need be...

Brajin is a 14 year old shar-pei female...she has that attitude with cuddliness...she doesn't care about ownership just like a true anarchist...and she loves to mosh with Bettis on a daily basis...

Sarge is a 9 year old shar-pei male...a troublemaker, rebel rouser, but his intentions are good and just...since Bettis is the leader, he wants to give the power back to all the dogs...


Religion attacked (part 2852 in .....)

"Dawkins, who makes no effort to disguise his atheism and contempt for religion, focuses on the Bible, too."

Why does a person have to make "an effort" to disguise their atheism or "contempt" for anything?

"Among the faithful, many are agnostics"

Then they aren't Agnostic then...the priest goes on to say that disagreements equate to Agnosticism...

"I. Is Judge Jones an activist judge?

II. Did Judge Jones read the evidence submitted to him in the Dover trial?

III. Did Judge Jones accurately describe the content and early versions of the ID textbook Of Pandas and People?"

The Center for Science and Culture with not one activist bone in their bodies...


"Theism among professors throughout this land is rare, but agnosticism and atheism are common, and I know one reason why -- the academic blacklisting of any who show Christian belief outside of an hour on Sunday morning."

His suggestion to keep your college donations away from those insidious institutions...