The Forbes Fictional 15 Richest Characters

For the whole story click on link below...a comment was on Scrooge McDuck recently, WhattheH said... "As an avid fan of Scrooge McDuck, it's about time someone took the initiative, so I wouldn't have to go deeply in debt to satisfy the avarious demands of my progeny" ...I can see why you are a fan, he is number six on Forbes' list...I, myself am a Monty Burns fan, because he is "ex-cell-ent"...

The Forbes Fictional 15

Rank Name Net Worth ($mil) Age Residence Source
1 Claus, Santa
1,651 North Pole Toys, Candy
2 Warbucks, Oliver "Daddy" $27.3 bil 52 New York, N.Y. Defense Industries
3 Rich, Richie $17 bil 10 Richville, U.S.A. Inheritance, Conglomerates
4 Luthor, Lex $10.1 bil 36 Metropolis, U.S.A. Defense, Software, Real Estate
5 Burns, Charles Montgomery $8.4 bil 104 Springfield, U.S.A. Energy
6 McDuck, Scrooge $8.2 bil 80 Duckburg, U.S.A. Mining
7 Clampett, Jed $6.6 bil 51 Beverly Hills, Calif. Oil & Gas, Banking
8 Wayne, Bruce $6.5 bil 32 Gotham City, U.S.A Inheritance; Defense
9 Howell, Thurston III $5.7 bil 60 Private Island, Pacific Ocean Howell Industries
10 Wonka, Willy $2.3 bil 57 Kent, England Candy
11 Bach, Arthur $2 bil 50 New York, N.Y. Inheritance
12 Scrooge, Ebenezer $1.7 bil 63 London, England Banking, Investments
13 Croft, Lara $1 bil 37 Wimbledon, England Inheritance, Antiques
14 De Vil, Cruella $1 bil 65 London, England Inheritance
15 Malfoy, Lucius $900 mil 51 Wiltshire, England Inheritance

Student Wins Right To Wear Anti-Bush Shirt To School

Student Wins Right To Wear Anti-Bush Shirt To School

A Pennsylvania student is off the hook after the American Civil Liberties Union defended his right to wear a political T-shirt to school. Chris Schiano's T-shirt said "International Terrorist" and had a picture of President George W. Bush. A security guard at his high school north of Philadelphia told him to take it off. He refused. Schiano said he's well versed in the First Amendment. He said he "knew right off they had no legal footing to stand on." The principal said after hearing from the ACLU, school officials realized that the shirt, while potentially offensive, didn't violate the school's dress code. It had no references to sex, drugs, ethnic intimidation or explicit language. Schiano said he's now wearing the shirt to school and no one's given him a hard time.

I am glad to see that there are some thinking youth in America today...Here is where you can buy your own George W. Bush International Terrorist shirt


Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas according to The Onion

O'Reilly, Gibson, and the rest of the repubs warned us...

We're number six, we're number six...

"China, Cuba, Eritrea and Ethiopia Lead in Jailing Journalists

13 December 2005

A journalism watchdog group says China currently has more imprisoned journalists than any other country, but the United States is also on the organization's list of abusers.

A new report by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists says China, Cuba, Eritrea and Ethiopia account for two-thirds of the 125 imprisoned editors, writers and photojournalists around the world as of December first.

Fifth on the list was the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan, followed at number six by the United States, which has moved up on the list due to journalists it is holding in Iraq and at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Tied for sixth place is Burma.

The number of journalists held by the United States rose from one last year to five this year.

The committee's Executive Director Ann Cooper said she is particularly troubled that the list of the worst abusers now includes Ethiopia and the United States."

China, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, United States, Burma...with the passing of the Patriot Act, I am sure we can move up on this list...


Stanley "Tookie'' Williams

"Gang Founder Stanley Williams Executed in California (Update3)

Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Stanley "Tookie'' Williams, a former gang leader and convicted murderer whose anti-crime advocacy from prison garnered praise, was executed by lethal injection after last-minute appeals were rejected...."

I don't have a problem with the someone being put to death for crimes they have committed...my problem lies with the legal system that administers the death penalty...a number of death penalty cases have been overturned because of faulty DNA or testimony...death penalty cases cost more than life imprisonments...my point is that system that delivers the death penalty is broken and until it can be fixed the death penalty should not be administered...

Do good works pardon a multiple murders? I think the person that commits multiple murders then turns their life towards doing good works should not look for pardon for those past transgressions....(in the late Johnnie Cochran prose) If you do the crime, you have to do the time....

Michael Moriarty at his best

Some more idiotic rantings by Michael Moriarty...below is just a sample of his ramblings...

My very own long march
By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 12, 2005

"Clinton believes he can eventually put that God on his knees before the "Slick Willy" throne and have that Red Dragon begging for a taste of the Emperor's cigar. Stalin said, "Gratitude is for dogs," and Mao pointed out that the Chinese eat dogs. How the American Emperor thinks that a racial supremacist like Mao, who treated his own troops like dogs, would want to demote himself to the rank of Private before a self-proclaimed five-star General like Clinton, who never served in combat and built his whole Harlem army on the proven certainty of immediate gratification for all their needs, bodily and otherwise – why Clinton believes in the possibility of that ever happening is because he's known no other response from anyone (with the exception of Whitewater Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr). Even Newt Gingrich began telling us how charming Clinton was with his "winning" style. With smug insouciance, Emperor Clinton puffs on his cigar with the boys and plots his own expropriation of mainland China."


Out of the Gene Pool

Please click on picture above for full hiliarity...

Yep, we like our presents...

We also like time with our family, and some of the traditions that goes with the "holidays", we just don't do the "god" thing...

Blog-diot of the Week

Being curious on how my moniker "BigBuddhaPuppy" shows up on Google, I did a search this morning and I came up with an email response from May 25th, 2005 by Michael Moriarty, which he decided not to send to me but it was posted on http://www.enterstageright.com

So being in the holiday spirit, I thought I would reply to Michael Moriarty's personal attack on me...that seems to be par for the course when people don't have any substantive response.
Here is the article I responded to...
The following I am blue, Mr. Moriarty is red...

By Michael Moriarty
web posted May 16, 2005

Right-minded ideology could do without the hyperbole of a certain Michael Moriatry. Atheists can't but half love and on the way if they love somewhat to being Christian? Socialism equates to Clinton which equates to Democrats...then "internationalism"...then "Napolean-ism"..Communism...Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Tito, ...back to "Democratic Party's great black hope -- Illinois Senator Barack Obama"? The connections are idiotic.

Here's one...TV...Anti-Christian...Law And Order...Michael Moriatry...New York Stage Play...Homosexual Agenda...Liberal...East Coast Bias...Hollywood...Michael Moriatry...
We must stop Michael Moriatry in his anti-christian, Hollywood, liberal, socialist, un-American homosexual agenda!
All the Best,
Big BuddhaPuppy

I recently received my first hate letter from a self-proclaimed homophobe. His e-mail announces "Big Buddha" but, for now, let's just call him Big Bubba.

First, I find this idiotic response to my satirical email to your article from over 7 months ago via Google, it would be more fitting if you could have responded to me as well as your readers. My name is *****, but as many do on the internet we use nicknames...

He writes: "We must stop Michael Moriatry (sic) in his anti-christian, Hollywood, liberal, socialist, un-American homosexual agenda!"

I did write that, it was an example how far hyperbole espoused in your article could go and often unfortunately does go...

"Puppy" is also in his title and self-image, so to speak. Well, puppies don't use words like "hyperbole"…. so, who is hyperbolizing who here? Had he used the word "sarcasm," I might have fallen for the role-playing, but since theater is my profession and homosexuality almost its middle name, I think we've got theater games going on here. By the way, I wish he'd spell my name right, but red-necked Buddhists can't spell on purpose. It's kind of a Zen thing.

BigBuddhaPuppy is just a nickname, actually it is what one of my pups looks like when sitting, like a "big buddha puppy"....my self-image has nothing to do with it, another overreach on your part, just as the idea of me being "red-necked"...but when a person has nothing of note to say they just attack, please try some substance next time...

Maybe he's Janet Reno in drag. There's a free speech issue here and we all know how she felt about the First Amendment and television -- or at least I know from first-hand experience. I saw her in action behind closed doors in that Washington boardroom in 1993.

Janet Reno in drag...funny...

I don't mind the sexual labels. If you're an actor, the "lavender brush" is often applied. Yet in Big Bubba's context, hyperbole is a euphemism for lying. Gee, Bubba, I bet you wrestle alligators too.

Do you have any substantive to say?

So we either have an honest-to-god red-necked caveman who's demanding I resign from the human race, or a liberal agent provocateur posing as a right-wing hatemonger to besmirch the conservative movement. Bubba has enough of a lexicon to toss "hyperbole" on the page while, at the same time, deliberately misspelling my name. Now, someone from this milieu would likely be unfamiliar with the word and pronounce it "hyperbowl", figuring it was some kind of "Bowl-a-Rama" club. So I smell a liberal "mole" in his hole.

Not red necked cavemen...not a liberal agent provocateur...a person who responded to your inane hyperbole and faulty connections within your article...Can you say anything substantive? I am still waiting?

If I "must be stopped," then I guess I pose a threat of some kind. Like Ronald Reagan, I was once a liberal. But as we all know, a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. That I know the enemy as well as President Reagan did, and have tracked it to its lair (the French Revolution) means I pose a real threat to Liberals, so Bubba's homophobia could very well be a cover used to divide his conservative enemies into Christian fundamentalists and fully equipped conservative soldiers.

Conspiracy theory now? Again, my email was satirical example on how shoddy your reasoning was...

Regular readers of Enter Stage Right, like Steve Farrell, author of Dark Rose -- a classic Christian novel (an inspirational story about the redemption of four tortured souls), were particularly appreciative of what Bubba calls my hyperbole. If Bubba also reads ESR regularly, then there's more than enough Christian sacrilege for him to pick on.

Pick on? No, to point out faulty arguments, yes.

So why did he pick me me? And if I must be stopped, how does bubba propose to do that? His e-mail was forwarded to me, so ESR read the letter as well. Bubba understands all the connections I made in my recent editorial and they're not rumbling his homophobia. They're hitting home at the depth of the socialist disease we're battling. He knows they go to the heart of what he might be paid to defend.

Pick on? No, again, to point out your faulty logic...
Happy Holidays, BigBuddhaPuppy(*****)

War on Religion

Those horrible atheists don't want crosses on public lands to show Utah Highway Patrol that died on duty...one said they were tired of atheism, atheists should move to another country and to "go to hell"...

Pictured is Sarge, the Shar-pei...an atheist...be careful Sarge or you will be on
Bill O'Reilly's enemy list...everyone knows that you are a communist being from China...Why do you hate Christmas, Sarge?...

Actually Sarge loves the holiday season, he is very festive, just keep him out of the egg nog...

Will "legal Grinches" steal Christmas?
"Don't let the legal "Grinches" steal your Christmas. Residents in at least one town are encouraging everyone in their community to place nativity scenes in their yards as part of their Christmas decorations." Okay, that is wonderful, enjoy...

"School music teachers are intending to include Christmas carols in their holiday concerts. Some schools will even return to calling this favorite winter holiday by its real name -- Christmas! If we are going to preserve our rights, then we must practice them." State shouldn't sponsor religion...

Society of Open-Minded Atheist and Agnostics at Kansas University
This is the site that Paul Mirecki posted on before the Christians got payback...

Holiday Season also has Christmas Trees
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who will flip the switch to light the 65-foot Engelman Spruce tree, has written a letter to the Architect of the Capitol recommending the ceremony be called a Christmas tree lighting."

Denny...Denny Hastert...(a tribute to Boston Legal)

Religious intolerance in Kansas

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and is a regular columnist for Townhall.com.

Mike is in the running of blog-diot of the week...

I decided to write Mike S. Adams an email in the stylings he wrote to Paul Mirecki:

"I think your Q & A with someone that doesn't have time to share with an insignificant "reporter" as yourself is not very responsible of you. I do have the time, so can you answer some questions for me?

Q: Can you prove God exists?

Q: Is it true that the "S" in Mike S. Adams stands for "Socialist"?

Q: Why did you hit Paul Mirecki with a metal object?

Q: Can you confirm or deny that you are an idiot?

Q: Are you a card carrying member of the communist party?

Q: Why do you hate Jesus?

I hope you can take the time to answer my questions...
All the Best, Happy Holidays,