Bill O'Reilly, please for X-mas...

I saw this enemies list via Daily Pepper, and Club Lefty I thought I have to write this man an email, I need to be on this list, Santa would obviously reward me with tons of X-mas goodies...

Can you please put me on your enemies list? It would make X-mas so much brighter. I don't consider myself a liberal or a conservative. I am a strong social liberal, but a fiscal conservative, so I would say I am anti-GW on both accounts. So add me to that list, and I will not remember you in my prayers, as in that I don't pray. I am an atheist too.

Here's my list to get on your enemies list:

1) Against Iraq War
2) Pro-Choice
3) Atheist
4) Pro-Gay Marriage/Unions/etc.
5) Pro-Union
6) For Balanced Budget
7) Anti-GW
8) For separation of church and state
9) For Stem Cell research
10) Anti Intelligent Design(Creationism)

So how about it? Put me on that list? If that isn't enough please feel free to go to my blog at

All the Best,


I must talk about Kurt Vonnegut today....

I am driving around doing errands this morning, and a discussion on Diane Rehm show is about Slaughterhouse Five, I was able to stand Diane's slow delivery to listen to the discussion about Slaughterhouse Five...

Then I ran across a quote from Kurt Vonnegut on Blue Girl...

I surmise that it is the day for reflection on Kurt Vonnegut

I was introduced to Vonnegut in high school, even though I had to get signed permission from my parents to read Slaughterhouse Five...I forged the signature, not that my parents would not have signed, but I thought that why should they decide what I read?...I hope Kurt would have been proud

Soon after I had to read everything he had written...the satire, irony, and absurdity of his writings struck a chord with me...his books helped spark a relentless questioning of everything on my part...and that has made the world a much sadder and better place for me...I want to thank Kurt Vonnegut for enhancing my life...

Welcome to the Monkey House, all about Kurt and many links...

I can remember joining this page that was a tribute and a manifestation of Kurt Vonnegut's Slapstick, I actually started my own family, Shar-pei, as families do sometimes, they fade away with time...The premise of the book is that if everyone was related then our society would be better off, so everyone get a middle name, ie...Chipmunk...then a number...ie 17...via these monikers then you would be related to a network of people through out the country...

This is my shar-pei family in the picture above...


What Middle Earth race do you belong to?


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

*shrugs shoulders* I never knew..

Thanks ye be Shakespeare's Sister

Evolution/ID....Science vs. Religion


An activist professor trying to promote religion as science...I think this professor needs a refresher course in the sciences...


Archeology proves biblical history accurate....I think the phrase speaks volumes for itself...


Atheists in Russia don't want God in the national anthem...so atheists are attacked with religious zeal...


What are you listening to?

This is what I am carrying around in my MP3 player at the moment

Echo and the Bunnymen
Tom Jones
Kanye West
A Tribe Called Quest
Foo Fighters
Carole King
Thelonious Monk
Steely Dan
Jamie Cullum
Cat Stevens

Damn that terrorist sympathizer!

Damn that terrorist sympathizer! Damn that terrorist sympathizer! Damn that terrorist sympathizer!

A hopeful Google Bomb for Bill O'Reilly, just in time for X-mas...

Thanks to skippy the bush kangaroo