Student Wins Right To Wear Anti-Bush Shirt To School

Student Wins Right To Wear Anti-Bush Shirt To School

A Pennsylvania student is off the hook after the American Civil Liberties Union defended his right to wear a political T-shirt to school. Chris Schiano's T-shirt said "International Terrorist" and had a picture of President George W. Bush. A security guard at his high school north of Philadelphia told him to take it off. He refused. Schiano said he's well versed in the First Amendment. He said he "knew right off they had no legal footing to stand on." The principal said after hearing from the ACLU, school officials realized that the shirt, while potentially offensive, didn't violate the school's dress code. It had no references to sex, drugs, ethnic intimidation or explicit language. Schiano said he's now wearing the shirt to school and no one's given him a hard time.

I am glad to see that there are some thinking youth in America today...Here is where you can buy your own George W. Bush International Terrorist shirt


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