The Forbes Fictional 15 Richest Characters

For the whole story click on link below...a comment was on Scrooge McDuck recently, WhattheH said... "As an avid fan of Scrooge McDuck, it's about time someone took the initiative, so I wouldn't have to go deeply in debt to satisfy the avarious demands of my progeny" ...I can see why you are a fan, he is number six on Forbes' list...I, myself am a Monty Burns fan, because he is "ex-cell-ent"...

The Forbes Fictional 15

Rank Name Net Worth ($mil) Age Residence Source
1 Claus, Santa
1,651 North Pole Toys, Candy
2 Warbucks, Oliver "Daddy" $27.3 bil 52 New York, N.Y. Defense Industries
3 Rich, Richie $17 bil 10 Richville, U.S.A. Inheritance, Conglomerates
4 Luthor, Lex $10.1 bil 36 Metropolis, U.S.A. Defense, Software, Real Estate
5 Burns, Charles Montgomery $8.4 bil 104 Springfield, U.S.A. Energy
6 McDuck, Scrooge $8.2 bil 80 Duckburg, U.S.A. Mining
7 Clampett, Jed $6.6 bil 51 Beverly Hills, Calif. Oil & Gas, Banking
8 Wayne, Bruce $6.5 bil 32 Gotham City, U.S.A Inheritance; Defense
9 Howell, Thurston III $5.7 bil 60 Private Island, Pacific Ocean Howell Industries
10 Wonka, Willy $2.3 bil 57 Kent, England Candy
11 Bach, Arthur $2 bil 50 New York, N.Y. Inheritance
12 Scrooge, Ebenezer $1.7 bil 63 London, England Banking, Investments
13 Croft, Lara $1 bil 37 Wimbledon, England Inheritance, Antiques
14 De Vil, Cruella $1 bil 65 London, England Inheritance
15 Malfoy, Lucius $900 mil 51 Wiltshire, England Inheritance


Blogger El Serracho! said...

monty burns at #5? it's an outrage!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uncle Scrooge is #6?? He has three cubic acres in his money bin back in Duckburg!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Ayatollah Mugsy said...

How can Lex Luthor be ahead of Scrooge McDuck and Monty Burns? Clearly, there is some shoddy reporting at play. I blame the liberal media.

1:22 PM  

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