Bill O'Reilly, please for X-mas...

I saw this enemies list via Daily Pepper, and Club Lefty I thought I have to write this man an email, I need to be on this list, Santa would obviously reward me with tons of X-mas goodies...

Can you please put me on your enemies list? It would make X-mas so much brighter. I don't consider myself a liberal or a conservative. I am a strong social liberal, but a fiscal conservative, so I would say I am anti-GW on both accounts. So add me to that list, and I will not remember you in my prayers, as in that I don't pray. I am an atheist too.

Here's my list to get on your enemies list:

1) Against Iraq War
2) Pro-Choice
3) Atheist
4) Pro-Gay Marriage/Unions/etc.
5) Pro-Union
6) For Balanced Budget
7) Anti-GW
8) For separation of church and state
9) For Stem Cell research
10) Anti Intelligent Design(Creationism)

So how about it? Put me on that list? If that isn't enough please feel free to go to my blog at

All the Best,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you qualify! Good work!

11:08 AM  

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