380 troops..


"The Americans are really helping us a lot," one earthquake survivor, whose family was evacuated by U.S. troops, told ABC News. "A lot of people don't understand they are really not that bad."

In the past week, the United States has delivered more than 400,000 pounds of relief supplies — more than any other country.

It isn't just a mission of mercy. It is also a concerted effort to win the hearts and minds of the Pakistanis and people across the Muslim world. Some wonder, however, if it will work."

I saw this on ABC News last night, and my reaction to it was as follows: Wow, 380 troops, that is so many to help out over 500,000 people that have not received any aid 10 days after the fact. Ridiculous, if we wanted to actually help, we could, we have several thousand troops all ready there. It is just another photo-op.

Will it work? No.

Could it have worked? Yes, we could have made an honest effort and helped out these people as well as our standing in the Muslim world.


Blogger Steve said...

I've had the same feelings of disdain over the last little while with regards to the "efforts" of the US, both in Pakistan and back in New Orleans. Everything being done looks like one big photo-op. Bush helping to build a house was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

1:40 PM  
Blogger BigBuddhaPuppy said...

"Efforts"..."hard work" to make self look qualified...

1:46 PM  

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