The Center, it doesn't mean anything, it is just a label. GHW Bush was a centrist, Clinton was a centrist, this according to many political observers.

GW Bush is a neo-con, and/or a conservative. How is GW actually a conservative? It isn't his actions obviously. Deficit spending, nation building are tags for the liberals. So maybe it is just a label in name. Advertisment, to put himself in with bible thumpers, Nascar dad, soccer moms.

Conservative means Christian. Conservative means America. Conservative means family values.
Liberal means atheist. Liberal means Communist. Liberal means Abortions.

I have to admit those conservatives are fantastic with the media. The conservatives have done so well that liberals find themselves leaning to the right, sometimes so much they look like one of those palm trees after Katrina.

Senator Clinton is one of those leaners, softening her stances on choice, going after the video game industry. Hillary, this isn't Kansas, you don't have to do that. Well, unless you want to be President. I can't wait to see her in a tank like Michael Dukakis. Go get yourself some terrorists, Senator!

Labels, labels, labels...new and improved conservative...compassionate conservatives...neo-cons...new and improved liberal...centrist...*sic* Republican...

We are an oligarchy...According to Webster's, oligarchy is "a government in which power is in the hands of a few." Sound familiar? It can all be traced back to the undue influence of money...I enjoy capitalism like the next person, but when economics becomes the power in a government then we as people have a problem. It would be very difficult to get undue influence of money out of our government...it controls elections, it control judical appointments, it controls the media...

It is time to put the power back in "we the people"...of course I might be labeled many things by others for saying that....*insert label*


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