Why I was gone for 2 months or How I became numb about the bomb....

After responding to the socio-political goings on for the last year or so, I grew tired of replying, it became more of a mental exercise, and a futile one at that...I, the individual, was not going to exact any change via my words...I can/could only live my life to the ideals I set for myself...my grandiose ideas of being some type of catalyst was just that, grandiose, sure it feels good to the ego when like minded people agree with your viewpoint....I was going to use the myth of Sisyphus, but the more I thought about it, it did not apply, there is no boulder, there is no movement pushing it up a hill, only to come down at the apex everytime....I, as most in this forum, are just a bunch of talking heads, complaining, and not really even moving a "grain of sand" much less a boulder...maybe this is a cry for help, maybe this is another grandiose musing of my ego that I think will capture someone attention, maybe it is just stark reality...Control is just an illusion that our oligarchy allows us to have, time to time...we live in a fascist society, our government is the opium of the people...matter of fact, all governments are the opiates of the people....there isn't any "by the people, for the people", it does not exist....as long as people starve, are homeless, not clothed, given adequate healthcare...as long as we pollute our earth to make profit...we can build a bridge to nowhere, we can plan trips to Mars, we can bomb brown people, but we can't properly educate our own nation, we can't save a dying Africa...I rephrase, it is not we "can't", it is we "won't"....it is not just the US, everyone just graviates to their own country of origin, it is the world, other nations are sitting on their hands as well...I applaud the individuals that try and intentions are sincere...yes, it does affect me, but I have grown numb to the inaneness of it all...


The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

I saw a post at Cairo's Place about the Westminster Classic...and I went into a small rant about them never picking a classic looking dog...I was wrong...well, so far this year...

Group winners so far:
Working - Rottweiler
Terrier - BullTerrier
Toy - Pug
Non-Sporting - Dalmatian

Sporting, Hound and Herding groups are left, then the Best in Show...so maybe there is hope for them this year to pick a "classic"...

I am going to watch and pull for the Rottweiler...then the most classic dog left if he doesn't win..


Bettis and Bettis...

My pup was named after Bettis...I think the resemblance and temperament are similiar...
Big, powerful, but soft and gentle face...kind...but can run you over...yes, we are Bettis' (or Betti)...


SuperBowl XL...Steelers 21 Seahawks 10

Yes! It was a happy household and BigBuddhaPuppy last night...

An ugly game, with just enough big plays, and Seahawk mistakes for the Steelers to win "one for the thumb"...The "Bettis story" had its disney-esque ending...from what has been said about him, he was much deserving of it as well, a rarity...

I can remember the Steelers winning their last two SuperBowls vaguely, I was a young pup at the time...the first two SuperBowls I don't remember at all, I was a very young pup when they won those two...So 26 years after the last win, I wanted to see the Steelers win the SuperBowl where I could have a full realization of it as an adult...

For all you die-hard football fans out there, that is my hope for you, is that sometime in your adult life, that you have the same night that I did last night(not at the Steelers expense hopefully)...

Finally....congratulations to the SuperBowl XL, 2005 NFL Champions, The Pittsburgh Steelers!


Tagged with 7 questions via "the defeatists"

I was tagged...so I answered the 7 questions of the defeatists!

Seven things I say
1. Y'all
2. Hiya
3. Namaste
4. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
5. George Bush doesn't like black people
6. Hell is other people
7. Pooky

Seven Books I like
1. SlaughterHouse Five
2. Tao Te Ching
3. Green Eggs and Ham
4. Brave New World
5. Die fröhliche Wissenschaft
6. The Book of Lieh-Tzu
7. Chuang Tsu - Inner Chapters

Seven movies I enjoy
1. M*A*S*H
2. Matrix
3. Clockwork Orange
4. Harold and Maude
5. This is Spinal Tap
6. Network
7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Seven more books I enjoy
1. America
2. Alpha and Omega
3. What's the Matter With Kansas?
4. "Dummies" Guides'
5. "Idiots" Guides'
6. "Beginners" Guides'
7. "The History of..." Guides'

Seven things I enjoy about cities
1. Art
2. Music
3. Restaurants
4. More Liberal
5. I can leave
6. Being anonymous
7. History

Seven things I cannot do
1. Live forever
2. Understand some people
3. Give Birth
4. Jump(bad knees)
5. Read minds
6. See all of color spectrum
7. Not Care

Seven things I must do before I die
1. Travel
2. Educate myself
3. Get in shape
4. Learn an instrument
5. Forgive
6. Be truly happy
7. Finish


Hospice, assisted suicide, smoking...etc..

As you might have noticed, or not noticed, I have not been blogging as of recent...Reason being, I have been waiting, watching a friend die of lung cancer in hospice care...

To start, hospice is a great idea and organization ran by fantastic people...The idea of hospice is take care of the terminally ill...let them die with dignity and no pain...

Hospice, in reality, is assisted suicide, it is a trade-off between no pain and life...morphine is given by pump at the end of an individuals life where there is no pain, the dose has to be increased more and more until the persons' breathing becomes shallow and they cease to breathe...

There are two camps of thinking about this, one is that the person will die at exactly the same time whether the drugs is given or not, and the other is that the drugs are a trade-off between a small shortening of life and pain...I don't think it really makes one bit of difference which might be actually true...I think the idea of letting a terminally ill person go, pain-free and with dignity is the only humane course of action...

The unfortunate circumstance of hospice care is that only about 18% of eligible people actually use the free service...Hospice service is provided through government and private donations to all terminally ill persons...

I watched my friend slip away with minimial pain, with dignity and grace...I said my goodbyes...I am glad they choose to go the way they did...I will miss them, but will have them always in my thoughts and memories...

Now for my soapbox, the person I speak of, was 69 years old, she died of lung cancer after being diagnosed 6 months earlier...it was quick and very painful...in the end she literally drowned...in mucus, lung tissue and cancer...I am not one for sentiment, or resolutions, or any airy-fairy nonsense...I am a realist...and I saw what smoking did to this precious woman...if you smoke...quit...it is an ugly way to die...the old adage "you have to die someway", well, yes, you do, but this is not the way to die...drowning on your own cancer while being pumped with morphine to feel no pain until you die...


SuperBowl XL

Well, I am a happier Steelers fan this week...no, well, "wait until next year", or "it is only a game" cliches for me this week...

So now, can the Steelers not break my heart this year? 1-4 in Championship gmes(before this year), and 0-1 in SuperBowl in a 10 year span...so 5 years in 10, woulda, coulda, shoulda...

I dislike the SuperBowl format that the game is two weeks instead of one week from the Championship game...it interrupts whatever flow either team had going into the game...and I simply dislike waiting two weeks...especially this year...




I am a happy person this morning after the Steelers victory yesterday at the RCA Dome against the Colts...A side note, I am glad I have TiVo because to wait and go through commericals and those inane halftime show would just drive me crazy...

The Steelers are the first team since the inception of this current wildcard system in 1990 to be a sixth seed and make the Championship game...

Championship games in the last 10 years have not been kind to the Steelers, including losses to the Patriots twice at home...the Steelers have been the Red Sox and Cubs all rolled up in one for these years...Being a Red Sox fan as well, maybe there is a glimmer of hope for the Steelers...

I try not to get too excited about the win because the idea of high expectations goes with lowest lows for a fan...

I will be tuned to my TiVo next Sunday with my 34 jersey with my surname on it, sitting in my favorite recliner, rooting for "my" Steelers and talking to the TV like a crazy man...

If the Steelers win, I will be a little happier than this week, and then repeat the same process for SuperBowl XL ...

If the Steelers lose, I will be a little more sadder than if it was this week, I will put up my 34 jersey, and take a shot of Herradura from my Steelers shot glass, a end of the year of tradition...



Meet My Pups(Fun with Photoshop)

Bettis, 7 year old, male rottie, from whom I take my nom de plume, BigBuddhaPuppy...he looks like one when he is sitting...Bettis is true to himself, laid back, but will not stand down if need be...

Brajin is a 14 year old shar-pei female...she has that attitude with cuddliness...she doesn't care about ownership just like a true anarchist...and she loves to mosh with Bettis on a daily basis...

Sarge is a 9 year old shar-pei male...a troublemaker, rebel rouser, but his intentions are good and just...since Bettis is the leader, he wants to give the power back to all the dogs...


Religion attacked (part 2852 in .....)

"Dawkins, who makes no effort to disguise his atheism and contempt for religion, focuses on the Bible, too."

Why does a person have to make "an effort" to disguise their atheism or "contempt" for anything?

"Among the faithful, many are agnostics"

Then they aren't Agnostic then...the priest goes on to say that disagreements equate to Agnosticism...

"I. Is Judge Jones an activist judge?

II. Did Judge Jones read the evidence submitted to him in the Dover trial?

III. Did Judge Jones accurately describe the content and early versions of the ID textbook Of Pandas and People?"

The Center for Science and Culture with not one activist bone in their bodies...


"Theism among professors throughout this land is rare, but agnosticism and atheism are common, and I know one reason why -- the academic blacklisting of any who show Christian belief outside of an hour on Sunday morning."

His suggestion to keep your college donations away from those insidious institutions...